Hup Soon Group’s Growth Strategy

We intend to spend much resources and time on the following pillars of growth :

  1. Reach out
    Instead of relying on the word of mouth, every attempt to introduce the company will be pursued subject to cost considerations. Besides making our presence felt through traditional media channels, we are also in world wide web community and investing in more personalized marketing approaches. The main objective here is to achieve maximum exposure to the local business communities.

    Currently our web site is

  2. Best Cost
    We intend to be price competitive at all times. With prudent internal cost management and always looking at cost improvements , our customers are always assured of getting not only the best cost but also the best value doing business with us.

  3. Reliable and quality manpower
    The key deliverable of our business is to ensure the customers’ requirements are fully satisfied. That means supplying the right quality of manpower that can realise the expected benefits to our customers’ businesses. The cost and risk considerations in hiring foreign labour are high, hence it is an integral part of our company’s customer service commitment that only fit for purpose and problem free manpower supplied

  4. Constant upgrade on machineries
    With the high demand for production of quarry products for the quarries industries, we have to constantly upgrade our machineries as we cannot afford any downtime. Our lists of machineries are clearly listed in the individual profiles.

Enclosed are the individual profiles for all the companies.