Hup Soon Properties Sdn Bhd (199301021111)

Company Profile

Company Name
Hup Soon Properties Sdn Bhd (275849-P)
No. 4862 & 4863, Mak Mandin Industrial Estate
Jalan Permatang Pauh
13400 Butterworth, Penang.
Telephone No
04-3333280/ 04-3333916
Fax No
19th April 1995
Nature Of Business
Construction, Housing & Industrial Developments
Scope of Business
All development, civil engineering works, project management, stainless steel works, railings, renovations etc.
Authorized Capital
Paid Up Capital
Building Particulars
Office Area = 1,020 square feet
Number Of Employee

The company is currently involved in four major categories of work. They are:
Property development
Project management
Building projects
Infrastructure projects
Joint development

The scope of work under the four categories are as follows:

  1. Property Development:
    Buy land for own development purposes
    Joint venture with land owners to develop the land

  2. Project Management:
    Manage the development project from purchase of lands to sales of individual units

  3. Building Projects:
    Residential terraced houses and bungalow lots
    Commercial shop lots and light industries

  4. Infrastructure Projects:
    Culverts and Pipe Laying

Business References/ List of Projects (Completed/ To be kickstarted):

  1. Insaka (M) Sdn Bhd (For Sirim Butterworth)
    Supply building materials
    Excavate and lay crusher run
    Lay premix

  2. Hup Soon Properties Sdn Bhd
    Development and construction of shop lots and light industries on a 15 acres mixed development land in Kulim, Kedah.

    Total Project Cost: Approximately RM40,000,000

  3. Hup Soon Properties Sdn Bhd
    Development and construction of bungalow units on 15 acres of land in Kulim, Kedah.

    Total Project Cost: Approximately RM25,000,000

  4. Teck See Plastic Sdn Bhd
    Provide labour, material, tools and equipment for the extension of roof cover driveways between existing factory building.
    Supply and install motor for roller shutter.
    Repair ramp for stores.
    To excavate 8’ x 16’ floor and walkway.
    To fabricate & install metal deck shade for production department.
    To do ½ glass gypsum board partition.

    Total Project Cost: RM250,000

  5. Ansell (Kulim) Sdn Bhd
    To supply labour and materials to construct the extension of expansion drum roofing.
    To construct 4 nos. of expansion drum structure footing.
    To repair and repaint the whole factory perimeter road curb.
    To dismantle existing wooden toilet door and install PVC door.
    To dismantle existing gutter and bracket and install a new one.
    To paint the roof eaves building structures.

    Total Project Cost: Approximately RM150,000