Repair and Maintenances

  1. For this category there is no fixed definition on what we can repair. Our repair services range from Land to Sea to Air. On top of that, we also extend our services to upgrading, such as re-designing and customizing of existing products. We are the specialist in the provision of Surface Metamorphosis Technology using thermal spray coating processes and a series of complementary processes.

  2. Under Maintenance, our specialties are towards maintenance of plastic injection Moulding machines ranging from 250 tonne to 450 tonne.

Included in our fleet of equipments for the above jobs are:

  1. 350 x 1000 Gap Bed Lathe Machine
  2. 400 x 750 Universal Lathe Machine
  3. 450 x 900 L3 Lathe Machine
  4. 500 x 1000 L5 Lathe Machine
  5. 500 x 2000 L5 Lathe Machine
  6. 1600 x 2000 Lathe Machine
  7. Vertical Boring Machine
  8. Horizontal Boring Machine
  9. Cincinnati Horizontal Milling Machine
  10. Ind MD4 Vertical Milling Machine
  1. Kondia FV1 Vertical Milling Machine
  2. Metalexport FW03 Horizontal Milling Machine
  3. Milwaukee Horizontal Milling
  4. Nantong Vertical Milling Machine
  5. Sand Blasting Machine
  6. Keyway Slotting Machines
  7. Valve Seat Grinding Machine
  8. Crankshaft Grinding Machine
  9. Pressure Test Machine

Compression of Shaft

Dismantle of Gear Box

Metal Spray in Progress 1

Metal Spray in Progress

Repair of Concrete Mixer

Rewhite metal bearing

Welding of Excavator Bucket